“Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. Run down and light it for yourself. Or seek assistance from someone holding a power torch”.  ~ Marie Taylor 

Marie coaches successful professionals who want to reach greater levels of possibility, intent and purpose. She works with clients to get great results using a range of coaching tools and 25 years of experience working with people and organisations. Established in 2002,  the business has been built entirely on referrals.  Marie has never needed to advertise. She has experienced significant business success and occasional business failure and has grown professionally and personally from both.

Marie also educates leaders through speaking, training and group work to support effective organisational leadership and effective teams. You can find out more about her organisational consultancy work here

Marie is a consummate learner and a pragmatist. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and an NLP Master. She holds a Masters in Business, a Postgraduate Diploma in coaching and consulting and is an accredited mediator. She has trained with top coaches in the UK and the US and is a qualified hypnotherapist. She has 4 British Association of Gymnastics Awards and a grade E in needlework. She can still do cartwheels but she can’t sew.