One to One Coaching

“And then I went round the corner and there’s a Van Gogh portrait, and you just think, well, this is another level. A higher level, actually. I love the Sargent, but it’s not the level of Van Gogh.” ~ David Hockney

Map of the WorldCoaching takes place face to face in London and by telephone or Skype.  There is a three month minimum commitment and most clients commit for six or twelve months.  Once the coaching work feels complete, clients often return for top-ups of a half-day or full-day or re-contract for a period in subsequent years.

Though the service is “taylored” to your specific needs, the typical one-to-one coaching package looks something like this:

6 Months

  • Week 1 – three-hour session in person or via video conferencing.
  • Weeks 3 to 23 – one-hour phone session every other week
  • Week 24– three-hour session in person or via video conferencing.

In addition, clients have email and phone access for any ‘hot spot’ coaching issues that arise during the coaching contract period. Other resources such as reading materials may also be provided.

While individual clients contract to coach directly with Marie, Taylored Coaching also has a group of experienced associate coaches, trainers and mediators for larger organisational contracts.  All associates have been personally vetted by Marie and organisational fit may be assessed by the client without obligation.

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