“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”. ~ Voltaire

In the coaching business, we’re only ever as good as the results our clients experience as a result of working with us. We’re delighted that clients like to tell us abut the difference we’re making.

Focused, Determined and Confident

“The business is going very well thanks to your help. I feel since I had your coaching I am more focused, determined and confident. We have got quite a few new people on the team and it is amazing how well we are motoring now after months of stagnation and worrying what more we can do”

C.B. Business Owner

“I am feeling better with a different view on things. I was despondent in most things and now I am very philosophical about things that I can’t change and optimistic about that which I can”.

 Some feedback from participants on the Exploration Retreats…

“I would definitely recommend the retreat to colleagues.  Thank you. This experience has made a big difference to me. I only wish I could have an annual ‘refresh’!!”

“Marie has a real gift for engaging people based on respect, trust, challenge and expertise. She easily creates a cohesive group whilst also making you feel as if you have her complete attention. I always believe that Marie works with you for the best intent, whether that be to support a discovery or push you for the next, this makes the experience authentic, purposeful and fun”.

“Keep them coming!  This is a fantastic opportunity and I would recommend this programme to anyone wanting to focus on their personal wellbeing and rebalance their life. Thank you Marie”

“I found the opportunity to talk to peers in a supportive environment about issues which affect us all really unusual and really helpful. It definitely kick-started a new way of looking at work and the management of stress. Thanks”

Life Shifting, Life Shaping, You Rocked My World

“Marie, you have rocked my world with your insightful and incisive coaching. I never expected that I would come so far in 12 months.  My wife thanks you, my company thanks you, my staff thank you.  And me? I get up every morning these days knowing who I am and what my contribution is. My business is heading towards profit for the first time in 4 years and I know that in part is down to your support and determination to help me see myself clearly. I still think getting me to climb the Himalayan foothills was an expensive bit of ‘homework’.  A life shifting, life shaping experience. Thank you.


Perception, Wisdom and Fun

“It’s one thing working with someone because your company says so and anyway they’re paying.  It’s a totally different scenario when it’s voluntary, personal and you’re footing the bill.  I’d worked with Marie in a previous job and her insight, advice and support remained with me long after the process was completed. 
Some years later she was the obvious person to turn to when I was looking inwards. 
Her perception and wisdom aligned with her fun and personal approach means I would have no hesitation in working with her again. In fact I’d look forward to it.”

S.B. Openbet

Inspiring, Re-Energising and Perfectly Pitched

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the Exploration days last week… I found the session inspiring and re-energising, perfect at the start of a new year.  You have an amazing ability to balance the business world and personal growth.  I think you pitched the session perfectly giving those new to the ideas an insight and yet there was also great depth to the exercises too.  I was surprised just how quickly you managed to get us all to open up and know what we were really there for (Only at Huna courses have I seen anything even close to as effective)”.


An Unbelievable Impact on Me and My Team

“If I am totally honest. I hesitated about contacting you last  April, Marie. I had heard great things about you and about coaching but I figured at 45 and an experienced manager, I really ought to be in a position to sort out my own staff and manage my self through a stressful period. I felt better even after the first session. Despite feeling challenged and a little uncomfortable at first, I cannot believe the impact that our work together has had on myself and my team. Somehow you manage to just ‘get it’ and to work with us all in such a kind, challenging, focused way.  See you in May!”